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Austin Wedding + Round Rock IKEA

The weekend before last we drove deep into the heart of Texas!

Our good friends, who we met in DC but now live back in their home state of Texas, got married.  And we just couldn’t miss it.  The wedding was at the Lady Bird Johnson Wild Flower Center, and was incredibly beautiful.  Outdoor candlelit reception in the most romantic setting ever.

We made the most of our wedding trip by stopping at Round Rock’s IKEA on our way out of town. I’ve been to 3 other IKEAs in my lifetime, and this one is undoubtedly different than the others.  If I was in the business of reviewing IKEAs, I would give it a C+.  The layout was funky.  Not a smooth transition from showroom to showroom. Carts and dollies were in strange places. It was hard to get around. Stuff was hard to find.  And it was just plain different.  What’s up with that Round Rock?

We managed to stick to a pretty precise list and budget. This is what came home with us:

1 kitchen cart

1 large print to hang over our ugly breaker box

curtains and curtain rods for the dining room

3 stainless steel bowls (not on the list, but didn’t break the budget)

1 potato masher

1 cutting board

We’ll have some pictures up soon of these items making themselves at home in OKC.

3 Responses to Austin Wedding + Round Rock IKEA

  1. Jenny Mehlow

    I just visited the Round Rock Ikea and I too, found it very odd and much harder to navigate than the others I’ve been to, too.

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