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Western Holidays

For the first time in four years, we won’t be traveling during the Holiday season.  There will be no 4AM drive to BWI airport in heavy traffic to catch a packed Southwest flight.  No security lines.  No grumpy flight attendants.  No lost luggage.  And no 2 hour layovers at the worst airport in the world (KC’s MCI).

This year, we’ll be only a short drive across town from Thanksgiving.

We’re also doing a majority of the cooking for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.  Here’s a look at our Pioneer Woman inspired menu:

Green Bean Casserole
The good stuff made with fresh green beans, and not a can of creamed soup in sight.

Mashed Potatoes
We purchased a potatoer masher at IKEA.  Never mashed a potato in my life, so I’m trusting Pioneer Woman and the Sweds.

Whiskey-Glazed Carrots
Every holiday meal needs a splash of Jack Daniels.

Philip is in charge of this. No idea.

Thanksgiving Stuffing
We chose one of the easier recipes we could find.

Crescent Rolls
I picked up 2 dozen rolls from a local bakery/deli, Someplace Else. Only $9.

Buttermilk Pie
Using my Mom’s recipe, but I’m pretty sure she got it here:

*There will also be a turkey.  However, someone much older and wiser than us will be ensuring its perfection.*

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

4 Responses to Western Holidays

  1. I’m using Pioneer’s pecan pie and cheesy artichoke dip (courtesy of Allison Bailey)!! Gobble Gobble!!

  2. MCI isn’t so bad…particularly if you called friends to come visit you during your layover…easiest airport in the US to visit friends!

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