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Bare Walls

Now that our downstairs is completely painted (we still have some work to do upstairs), the fresh walls are begging for some art.

When the Hail storm hit in May, we had just begun to hang picture frames….but hadn’t made any big art purchases.  We had a picture frame collage working in the living room.  I don’t have a photo of it, but I do have a ‘during’ shot.  This is what our frames looked like as we messed with the layout on the floor.

We have yet to get this collage back up.  And I’m thinking it will probably go on a different wall and include different images.  Why not?

Other than a few sentimental items that we have framed from vacations and the wedding, we don’t own hardly any wall art.  Does anyone have advice on affordable art options?

After searching for literally weeks online and all over OKC, I have come to one conclusion: art is hard.  It is also expensive. I’d love to hear how other home owners fill their walls.

And since I am asking for art tips, I’ll share one of mine.  Check out Yee-Haw Industries.  They have a great Etsy store.  I received 3 of their prints for my birthday last year.  They have great, unique stuff.

3 Responses to Bare Walls

  1. I buy art from friends that are aspiring artists–like Jessica Campbell.

  2. For informal art…I like the vintage calendars that have the tear out prints. They look pretty cute framed and are super cheap…think $20 for 12 prints. I’ve also bought postcard books by artists I like and bought frames that can hold…say 3 or 4 4×6 images. I mix and match the images and when I get tired of them….I just pull some new postcards out of the book.

    p.s. I have loved following your blog! House looks beautiful!

  3. Just a thought! Ikea has $10 wine racks that show off cool bottles when they’re empty… you can make a neat wall design (ive seen some great ones). This is just an example of the generic use of them…but you could definitely get creative!

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