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I’m snuggled up tonight watching President Obama’s State of the Union Address. Are you?

I recognize far fewer of the faces on the floor than I used to, but I still love a good SOTU. No matter your politics, having the leader of the country deliver a speech on the state of things — right to our living rooms — really is a luxury. I don’t like to take it for granted.

Full disclosure: I’m wearing an Obama for America t-shirt. But not on purpose. It’s just one of my favorites, and is often my first choice for a week day evening on the couch.

Another disclosure: I’m surfing winter sale items as I listen to the speech. You may find some of those in the post below.

And just for fun, here’s a shot of my family and me on the Speaker’s balcony (not too far from where tonight’s speech is being delivered). The SOTU makes me nostalgic for DC and all my years of politcing.

If you missed the speech, you can find the full text here.

Fired up and ready to go,


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