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Check Out: The PEN Ready Project

I am participating in The PEN Ready Project!

Olympus has put their new PEN E-PM1 camera into the hands of 1,000 average people, and I am one of those lucky thousand.

I anxiously opened up my camera package just a few hours ago. What I found inside was a small, sleek, sexy camera and an operating manual that I can’t wait to dig into. We’ve only begun to learn the camera’s fancy features. Below are some of the first shots we took….we snapped these while enjoying dinner at The Wedge.

PEN ready project PEN Ready Project

The clarity of these photos blows me away! As a blogger, having a smaller camera that I can easily fit into a purse….but still takes amazing shots… HUGE! I’m looking forward to taking this camera all over OKC, and to sending in awesome photos of this fine city to The PEN Ready Project.

I received the PEN E-PM1 at no cost, but the opinions shared here are my very own. I am stoked to be included in this amazingly cool nation wide giveaway, and I’ll be sharing more about my PEN Ready Project experience in the coming days.

Packing Small and Shooting Big,


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  1. How fun! Can’t wait to see how the OKC landscape has changed!

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