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Don’t go clicking on that ‘Homestead’ link at the top of the page. It is old news. We moved! Didn’t you hear?

We started casually house hunting around Thanksgiving of last year. The houses in the neighborhoods where we were looking were going fast. Like on the market at 9 p.m. and sold by noon the next day fast. We knew we couldn’t just keep casually ‘looking’ if we were serious about buying. We managed to preview a home (thanks to our awesome realtor) that wasn’t even on the market yet. Made an offer, and here we are.

We moved in the day after Christmas. With an infant. Phew! Makes me tired just thinking about it.

A lot of the furniture from our previous house came with us, but some of it didn’t. We wanted to make some upgrades and additions. Furniture shopping is hard! After browsing online shopping sites for what seemed liked days upon end, we bundled up Zee and braved the longest, coldest winter of all time for some real life furniture shopping all over town and particularly at Bob Mills.

Bob Mills isn’t somewhere I would’ve sought out on my own, but after all those hours of online shopping— one brand of furniture kept catching our attention again and again. Bob Mills carries the brand locally. After viewing the pieces that we liked in person, we ended up bringing a couple of them home.

My favorite: This gorgeous wine bar. I think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever owned. I love seeing it as I come down the stairs every day.

Product Image

Moving into a new house is thrilling, but also a little frustrating. I don’t have the budget to purchase everything I want to at once. The new place is definitely a work in progress, and will be for a while.

I’m okay with that.

Actually….I’d rather spend money on another trip to northern California to stock that pretty blue bar with wine instead of saving up for another piece of furniture.

C’est la vie,



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Doing It All

Doing it all. Not to be confused with having it all.

Last year, I decided to change jobs, have a baby and buy and sell a house in the span of less than 12 months. I wouldn’t recommend making these particular life changes quite so close together. My advice is based on personal experience (obviously), and on evidence-based science…I know this because when I completed the Stress and Well Being survey for employee health last month, my results come back as basically “WARNING:Very High Level of Stress”.

photo (4)

Now, these changes are good things. Mostly. But changing one’s life so completely is stressful nonetheless.

Here I am over the hump of one full year of change, and I’m still getting my footing. It’s like stepping off of a spinning carnival ride. Just when you think it’s safe to take your eyes off the steady ground, the world starts spinning again.

Things I still don’t have figured out:

1. How to be on time to work everyday.
2. How to find time to work out (I’ve talked to a few working moms about this, and I don’t seem to be the only one). And, no, I’m NOT willing to get up at 5 a.m., so you can save that advice for someone else.
3. Packing my lunch. Dinner. Grocery shopping. Food in general. If it weren’t for my mother and grandmother consistently stocking my freezer with meals, I’m honestly not sure how we’d survive.
4. How to not want to be with your child absolutely every second, which makes things like working and taking time for yourself or maintaining friendships difficult.
5. Making our new house feel like a home with a limited budget and very limited time.

photo (7)

photo (5)

You guys were freaking out at that first photo, right? Thank goodness we’re not currently living in a construction zone. We bought an older home that was being completely renovated when we signed the offer. We actually had no idea what the final product was going to look like. I mean, why would that be stressful?

There are certain things about the renovation and about the new house in general that I really don’t like. Some days I have down-right-buyer’s-remorse. Other days, I really love this new place and the thought of raising a family here.

I also have doubts about the new job I’m in, and where my career is going.

Fortunately, I don’t have the same regretful feelings regarding Baby Zee. Phew.

It’s less about the job, the house, the baby than it is the culmination of all those changes at once. I’m trying to be gentle with myself. Still. To give myself however long I might need to adjust to the new titles I accumulated last year. Hopefully, my freezer will continue to be stocked until we get it together enough to have an organized grocery list + time to make dinner + motivation to fight the crowds at the store….whenever that might be.

What was the hardest part about becoming a parent for you? Gone through any major life changes lately? I’d love to hear how you work, work out and work it all out.

Stop and look around once in awhile,


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